I’ll kickoff the 12 Games in 12 Month series with an implementation of Hangman.

There are multiple reasons why I chose to begin this game. First, the rules are simple: you are given an X letter word and you must try and guess that word by asking if a particular letter is found in that word — if the letter is found its position and occurrences within the word are revealed, if it isn’t the player is one step closer to the end of the game. The game ends when the user determines all the letters of the word or when he exhausts his chances at guessing the word.

The second reason why I chose this game is that it gives us a chance to play with a game mechanic that is extremely popular in today’s gaming: achievements. This has been used over and over again on all kinds of platforms and for a good reason: achievements give the user a sense of accomplishment and a boost to explore the game further in order to discover new achievements.

The game will be developed using Cocos2D, initially for iPhone. If things go well I might even attempt to port it to Cocos2D-x at a later time in order to make it available for Android as well.

I spent this morning doodling away trying to come up with the concept art of the game. As I mentioned in my original post I will try and publish details about the development process of the games as often as I can. You can see below the current state of the screen designs.

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