This sure feels weird – I dragged completing Hangman over two or three months and I finished it in two days. I guess that’s what happens when you need to do menial work, you just grow tired of completing the final details and you simply postpone completing the project as long as possible.

The source is available at GitHub.

Some lessons learned:

  • Even if it is menial work, it is still work
    You can’t move on to your blockbuster game that is going to make you rich and famous until you finish up your work on your current, silly game. If the work you need to do doesn’t seem appealing because it lacks a challenge, think of it as a challenge to actually get it done.
  • Design work is fun
    I had quite a lot of fun designing the graphics for the game. Although simplistic, they were fun to make
  • Keeping a developer diary is hard
    That’s why it is a challenge that you need to overcome.
  • Being motivated to keep on going is harder
    Sometimes you feel that there is no point in completing a game because there will be no practical outcome of your work. It is probably true, but you are not building the game for the monetary reward – you do it because you want to build games. You can either throw yourself head first and build the next Crysis GTA WOW, or you can use stepping stones to further your experience. Both are valid approaches, although one of them is more facile.
  • CCLabelTTF is visibly slow
    Don’t generate an entire keyboard of 26/27 labels out of TTF. If you do it, however, be prepared for the app to freeze when that happens or generate it in applicationDidFinishLaunching.

Next I am going to publish the game on Apple’s AppStore for the sole purpose of letting people actually test what I am building here.

I am still debating with myself what game should I take on next, I have three choices

  • Pong
  • Snake
  • Battleships

I also have another game that is about 50% complete that served as a testing ground for me when I was playing around with Box2D which I may just complete while I am also working on one of those 3  games above. This is what AwesomeBox/BeachBallBox looks like:

The gameplay is as simple as it can get – you have that bouncing fireball that goes around on the screen and you need to cover as much of the screen as possible by creating beachballs. The beachballs inflate as long as you keep your finger on the screen. If your beachball touches the fireball, another beachball or the boundaries of the screen, you lose one “life”.

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One thought on “Hangman – Complete (Game 1 of 12)

  • August 21, 2011 at 4:39 am

    Hi. I came across your site today and I think it’s really nice.

    I understand you very well. When I was developing my game (Even Or Odd) I dragged completing it over two and I finished it in two days.

    Keep writing.


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