This went faster than I expected… I just completed porting the second part of the How To Make a Tile Based Game with Cocos2D tutorial by Ray Wenderlich. The sources are available, as always, on GitHub.

I also updated to Cocos2D-x 0.9.1 and apparently there have been quite a lot of API changes. I couldn’t figure out a way to update my installation automatically so I just recreated the project and copied my game classes files over to the updated project folder.

The issues that I mentioned in the previous post with Android are still manifesting themselves in the newest version of the framework. I have tried with various resolutions and the outlines around the tiles appear only in high resolutions (like 800×480).

I tried this both on the devices (a G1 and an SGS) and the simulator and the behavior is consistent. I will put together a test case and post it on the Cocos2D-x forums, maybe someone can tell me if I am doing something wrong.

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