Just a quick update, I managed to port all of Ray Wenderlich‘s absolutely awesome tutorials to Cocos2D-x.

The sources are available on GitHub as follows:

The code should work flawlessly on the iPhone, however the apps crash when being run on Android. My theory is that it has something to do with the SimpleSoundEngine. I will get back to this once I get some time to spare on it and my Cocos2D-x debug skills improve.

Over the next few days, as time permits, I will attempt to port over the How To Make a Tile Based Game tutorial.

Update: found the problem with the Android builds! I forgot to add a NULL terminator to a sequence of actions:

target->runAction(CCSequence::actions(actionMove, actionMoveDone));


target->runAction(CCSequence::actions(actionMove, actionMoveDone, NULL));

The weird thing is that the code above worked flawlessly on the iPhone, but only crashed when being run on Android.


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